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Scooternaut_M001 - Red Plane

Scooternaut_M001 - Red Plane

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Park in style over M001 – RED SPACE. A retro-futuristic space exploration adventure with a Swiss flag color inspired palette.

125cm x 30cm 5mm – Color printed Polyester with thermoplastic rubber (waterproof) base.
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FAQ & info


125cm x 30cm


Polyester printed on rubber base (waterproof).

Care tips

Care Tips for Carpets:

1. Shake it : Remove dirt by vigorously shaking the mat.
2. Vacuum : Maintain cleanliness by vacuuming regularly.
3. Water it (occasionally):
- Test a mixture of water and mild detergent in a corner.
- Wet and gently apply the mixture if the color is not affected.
- Rinse thoroughly after 5 minutes.
4. Dry it :
- Unroll and let dry indoors or outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.
- Avoid keeping the mat wet by the elastic band.
5. Remember :
- Colors may fade, avoid chemicals.
- Avoid parking a wet scooter on the carpet after using snow/ice salts.
- Machine washing not recommended except at risk.
- In case of prolonged periods of wetting, allow to dry before use.