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THE SPIRIT OF AN EXPLORER invites you to embrace the spirit of adventure. Ready to embark on the discovery of new horizons on your faithful scooter? Ready to experience unforgettable adventures with every turn of the wheel? Forge your own path!

Discover the Scooternaut mats - the must-have accessory for electric scooter enthusiasts.

With our ultra-resistant mat, say goodbye to the hassle of wheel marks on your floor! Perfect for avoiding the drama of rain or dirt after a day of riding to the max.

So, if you're tired of stained floors and want to keep your scooter spot as cool as you, take a look at our Scooternaut parking mat now!

Easy to maintain, with a waterproof base, Scooternaut mats are perfect for parking your scooter at home or in the office.

Free shipping in Switzerland.

125cm x 30cm - Printed polyester on a rubber base (waterproof).

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FAQ & info


125cm x 30cm


Polyester printed on rubber base (waterproof).

Care tips

Care Tips for Carpets:

1. Shake it : Remove dirt by vigorously shaking the mat.
2. Vacuum : Maintain cleanliness by vacuuming regularly.
3. Water it (occasionally):
- Test a mixture of water and mild detergent in a corner.
- Wet and gently apply the mixture if the color is not affected.
- Rinse thoroughly after 5 minutes.
4. Dry it :
- Unroll and let dry indoors or outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.
- Avoid keeping the mat wet by the elastic band.
5. Remember :
- Colors may fade, avoid chemicals.
- Avoid parking a wet scooter on the carpet after using snow/ice salts.
- Machine washing not recommended except at risk.
- In case of prolonged periods of wetting, allow to dry before use.